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Another Friday from a solid week! This week I got to be at home ALL week. It was marvelous! 

Summer in the PNW means Salmon. I picked up a nice piece of King last weekend and we had it for dinner one night. amazing. so yummy!

It may not be super warm here but smoothies are my breakfast this week! Milk, ice, protein powder, strawberries and banana. YUM. Totally hits the spot after early morning workouts!

My sister got my the Glitter TOMS for my birthday. I wasn’t sure of the size but finally got to try on the larger size the other week. These will do – just need to be stretched a bit. I had fun wearing them to work! Got a few comments from my male co-workers!

One of my coworkers (not person pictured) took a group of us to this taco truck this week. WORD. it was awesome. I WILL be going back!!!

A couple mornings this week, I made up my own spin workout! I’m still cautious about running and didn’t want to push it. You can still get a rather good workout on this thing!!

Last night was this AWESOME sunset! You can sort of see the rays going up. it was SOO pretty.  However I should have been warned….

Woke up to pouring rain and some lightening & thunder. boo. Its pretty dreary for a Friday.

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged. If you haven’t been by to see her blog or you need a dose of baby – head over there. Adorable!!!
life rearrangedHappy Friday!!

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Summer Reading Series #8

Wow July seems to be flying by!! I haven’t had as much time to read lately so good thing this last book was fast!!

This week’s book is: “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans

Amazon:Richard Paul Evans’sThe Walk: A Novel (Walk Series) [Deckle Edge] [Hardcover](2010)

Genre: Fiction
Published: 2010

I found this book because one of the later books in this series is on the NY Times Bestsellers list. It sounded interesting so I thought it would be best to start at the beginning! This is the first book in a series of I’m not sure how many.

The book is about a guy who seems to have everything. He has worked hard and built a successful business and has a wife and pretty much enjoying everything. (Ironically he lives in Seattle!) But then of course, one day everything falls apart. I’m not just talking one thing – pretty much everything in his life. So he has to decide what he wants to do. He found the farthest place in the US from Seattle – Key West – and decided he would walk there. (hence the title…) He has always written a diary, so the book is in the form of a day-by-day synopsis of his journey. There are quite a few interesting adventures he has. It is kind of exciting to me because I grew up near the AT an always wanted to backpack so, this is similar.  The book has a few surprises in it, but nothing crazy. I think it definitely keeps the story a bit more interesting.

This book probably only took 2.5 hours to read. It was a very fast read and very easy read.  I really enjoyed it. The book is supposedly about a physical and spiritual journey, but the spiritual part I didn’t quite get.. There is a sequel to this book – “Miles to Go”. I might try to grab it at the library on my next trip!

Happy Reading!

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Seattle Summer Weekend Recap

This was one of your Typical Seattle weekends. Friday it was sunny and beautiful. Saturday it was Sunny and beautiful. Sunday it was cloudy and cool. Sunday night I was wearing shorts and a hoodie. Yeah that’s how I roll..

Friday Night:
We headed out to the church Softball game with our friends. There weren’t many people there but our good friends play and so we were there to hang out. It was sunny and beautiful out so it was a good time!

The team played 2 games. Lost the first and won the second with some great plays! Little guy is getting big! (No he’s not mine!) Afterwards we headed over to said friends house and enjoyed their fire chimney until the wee hours of the morning! You can do that here in the summer!

We slept in after out late night. I got a request from the Hubs to make his favorite ‘corn biscuits’.  i.e. buttermilk biscuits with some added cornmeal. They are a fav around here! So I whipped them up with some eggs and bacon. Was tasty!

Then we headed over to West Seattle for the street fair! it was a beautiful day out! we walked around – mostly just people seeing!

Sunny West Seattle!

Then we had a fabulous lunch at the Husky Deli! Great little place with random food but good sandwiches and amazing ice cream (but we skipped the ice cream!) I got a veggie Panini and it was actually really good!

It was just enough!

In the afternoon we headed home and did some random stuff. I ran some errands and got a few things for 2 more craft projects!

Sunday we headed to a different church for a change and had a good time. A bit far away for reality but not bad. Afterwards I went with a couple of running friends to a TNT lunch. It ended up being sunny for a short time!

We went to the Redhook brewery in Woodinville. It was so pretty there!! Good times had talking and hanging out!

Headed home and did the usual grocery shopping and some laundry. Had a little dessert:

And marveling at the fact that 2 days ago it was 80 degrees. Now I’m back under my blanket:

This week is going to be great! I get to stay home ALL week! hooray! excited about having a ‘normal’ week! Hopefully the weather there holds out and its decent!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend or just the usual??

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Sunday Scripture

Source: via Karla on Pinterest

Prov. 16:20

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Another week down! I took a few good picts this week! It was another crazy week with a trip south for work for me. It was a super busy trip and a week full of not much sleep. 😦

I finished my last chenille blanket last Sunday and gave it over to its new 1.5 year old owner! She wasn’t impressed but mom liked it! haha.

Even on my travel this week, I hit the gym at 5:30 am both days! Of course I followed up with some starbucks, but it was great to get some quality workouts in while on the road!

Note the TIME. almost 10:30 PM and it was still 106 degrees! Seriously. It was HOT. AND it was HUMID. word. see those thunderstorms – monsoon season in Phoenix. It was yucky.

Upon arriving home and not getting much work done, we went to the church softball game to hang out! It was too nice here in Seattle to not be outside chilling!!

That was my busy week!!

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged – Make sure you head over to see how cute her newest bundle of joy is!!!!
life rearrangedHappy Weekend!

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Summer Reading Series #7

Summer is in full swing and I’ve found a few good books for the next few weeks! Thanks to vacation I got some good reading in!

This week’s book is “Hatteras Girl” by Wisler

Amazon:Hatteras Girl

Genre: Fiction – romance
Published: 2010

This book enthralled me because I am a HUGE fan of Hatteras. Its in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One of the BEST vacation places in the country! This book is about a young girl who has some family in the area trying to set her up on many blind dates. She is also a writer for the local magazine. Her best friend moved in with her after her husband did not survive a fishing trip and together they take care of a fun-loving 5 year old. They have a dream of opening a bed & breakfast in town, and the book is about their adventure to fulfill their dream! It is a fun adventure and along the way there are bad romances and a good one. The ending of this book is happy and fun! The book was a great read and fast. I read the whole book in a day -probably 3 hours total. It really made me miss going to the beach!

Happy Tuesday & Happy Reading!

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Sunday Scripture

Source: via Karla on Pinterest

Phil 4:19

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Summer Reading Series #6

Summer is officially here now that we are in July and have surpassed July 4th! sorry for this being so late of a review! Vacation made computer access difficult!

This week’s book is: “The Breach” by Patrick Lee

Amazon:The Breach

Genre: Fiction – sci-fi & Romance
Published: 2009

This book is about a guy wandering in the wilderness and he comes upon a crashed unmarked plane. The plane is part of a super-secret government project and was carrying a special Item. This Item was stolen by the bad guys and several survivors were being tortured for information. The guy, Travis, saves the girl and then gets involved in the recovery of this item. The item is related to some crazy science (hence the sci-fi) and if you are a physics nerd, you will find it interesting. Otherwise you might be a bit lost, but you can overlook.  Travis and this group end up getting involved in some crazy events that keep you on your toes to recover this item. The story has a crazy twist at the end about how the Item was created and what happens. This book was quite the thriller and I totally enjoyed reading it! Oh man it was one of those ‘I have to stay up until I finish this book’ ones!! It took me maybe 4 hours total to read. It was good and fast. There is a sequel to this book as well and I checked the library but am going to have to do that ‘hold’ thing that is annoying.. haha.

Happy July!

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Woo another week of cell phone Picts! I got a few days of vacation this week and we headed to steamy Oklahoma to visit some family.

Tuesday my running store had ‘run white & blue’ pre-holiday! Yep I wore my TeamSparkle skirt and a blue shirt! It was fun!

Since vacation was coming up, we didn’t have food. Jimmy johns suffices well! It’s a fav!

And the obligatory fireworks photo! We were super close and had a great time! Best show I have seen in a long time!

This view all week has not gotten old! Oh man I am loving the heat so much! Yes I am crazy but I grew up in this so it feels good to wear shorts & tanks!

And this morning I headed outside missing my ride to the gym and did a legs workout in the shade. Then I did a walk- run around the block for a bit. It was toasty but I feel great! Offsets some of this BBQ food we keep having!

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged. Phone posting doesn’t allow me to copy the picture! So head over and check things out!

Happy Friday!!

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