First Run Back!

For the past month I have been unable to run. I somehow injured my left IT band back in May trail running.  It was a fabulous time and I had fun, but it left me in pain. After a couple weeks of the pain, I saw a sports doc and he said no running for 4 weeks.  During that time I have been doing weight lifting and the allotted cardio time (max 20 minutes on elliptical or bike!)  Compared to running 4-6 miles most days that is WIMPY!  However I survived!

Today’s food:
Breakfast – 1 c. Cheerios, 1/4 c. Fiber One, 1 nectarine, milk, homemade iced mocha
Snack – Peach 0% Chobani, and 1/3 c. Granola(Cascadia Farms Oat & Honey)
Lunch – I am working on the whole do I want to be a vegetarian or not thing and trying to load up on the veggies starting at lunch. Today I had a small spinach salad with mandarin orange, an egg, carrots, craisins, a few pecans, and feta. Then half a peanut butter sandwich on my home made bread.

I have been pleasantly surprised the last few weeks with the salads as they are pretty filling and do keep me full for quite awhile.  I finished out the afternoon with some blueberries and a banana before hitting the gym.

I am working on strength training and have 3 days mapped out. Here was today’s workout:

After the weights I headed up very nervously to the treadmill.  Here’s the routine:

400m walk, 400m run, 400m walk, 400m run (1 mile)
200m walk, 400m run, 200m walk, 400m run, 200m walk (1.25 miles)

I focused on my form quite a bit and felt really good. I realized I was in my old running shoes so I’ll have to plan better next time.  I didn’t feel winded on the second mile and could probably do a 3rd.  This is good and hopefully means I haven’t lost too much fitness!

For dinner we had some grilled vegetables, grilled rib-eyes (so so good!) and corn muffins.

After dinner I iced the left IT band at the knee and have felt NO pain so far!  Hooray for pain free running!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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