Second Successful Run!

Yesterday (Thursday) I headed out with my regular running group for a short run. I totally forgot my garmin but had my timex to time myself.  I planned on doing about 3 miles and walking a bit since I haven’t run more than 400m in 4 weeks!  I ran the first mile relatively easy and then took a couple minutes to walk.  My left IT band felt fine so I starting running again.  I was running with a couple people and realized I needed to turn around.  Another lady was only running 3 so I turned around with her and we ran back together. Mind you I had planned on walking some more and she is usually much faster than my running pace.  I was a bit worried.  However, I had NO pain.  Towards the very end it started to feel a little tender and I walked the last little bit and let her run ahead.  I did the 3 miles in about 33:45 or so.  I’m not worried about time, just about seeing how the knee/IT felt.  I got home and slapped the ice pack on for a good 20 minutes.  Still no sharp shooting pains or anything after stretching and all.

Went to bed praying that everything would be ok and woke up today and completed the day without noticing anything at all with the IT!  I need to keep it easy still but so far so good! I think the key is going to be keeping at the weight lifting.  I’m hoping I can fit in a couple sessions this weekend!

Second run = success!


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