Twin Falls Hike

On Wednesday, July 6th, I left work a bit early to spend some extra time with my parents before they left Thursday.  My dad had scoped out some local hikes and decided that Twin Falls would be a nice hike as its only 3 miles total and not too steep.  The weather was beautiful.  It was sunny and in the upper 70s which is fabulous to us Seattleites!

We started out about 3pm hiking and just took our time.  The river was flowing pretty quick and relatively full due to all the snow this past winter.

The ferns and other plants were still a bright green color.

We made it to the lower falls viewpoint and took a few pictures:


Then we headed on up the trail to the next bridge where you can see another set of smaller waterfalls.

Then if you keep going there is one more viewpoint of a small waterfall right above these.

One of the coolest things we saw was a new, young tree growing out of an old tree stump or out of the side of a fallen down, rotting tree.  They looked like this:

Mom and I discussed that there has to be a God lesson somewhere in this, but we aren’t quite sure of it.  Any ideas?

We stopped along the river on the way back to feel the water – it was COLD! and take one last good view picture:

We headed back to the house and cleaned up and dad grilled steak & shrimp kebabs with fresh pineapple! It was super yummy!  There was just enough room left for dessert! Bisquick shortcake with strawberries, peaches, vanilla bean ice cream and fat free whipped topping!  It totally hit the spot!

The perfect ending to a perfect summer day!


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