Portland Road Trip!

Road trips can be such fun! Last weekend (July 9-10) we took a little trip to Portland!

Two years ago we did this exact same thing and had just as much fun!  We have some friends that participate in STP with their kids every year.  It is a fun 1 or 2 day bike ride from Seattle to Portland.  With kids you have to take it in 2 days.  So we drive their van down and meet them at a hotel Saturday night somewhere about halfway so they have clean clothes and then we meet them in Portland Sunday night and drive them back to Seattle!

This year our halfway point was Chehalis, WA.  Its a quaint town.  We stayed at the Chehalis Inn.  It was not bad for a good night of rest! The next morning we got the privilege to see this:

A fabulous view of Mt. St. Helens.  This was the first time I had seen it from the ground! It was awesome! I need to plan a trip to go and hike it!

We stopped for the usual Starbucks and headed to Portland for brunch. At the hotel we did some research on Urbanspoon and found a place that sounded pretty good.  It didn’t take too long and we ended up at Pine State Biscuits.

I LOVE all things biscuits so this place grabbed me just by the name!

The menu is pretty small but you will have a hard time deciding what to get!

The prices are reasonable if you recall there is no Sales Tax in Oregon.

I ended up with the “Moneyball”. Biscuit w/gravy topped with one egg, over easy and a side of grits. Yes it is Singular – ONE – biscuit. Here’s why:

The biscuits are HUGE!  I forgot to get a picture of the grits but they were yummy!  This totally filled me up and every single bite was amazing!!  We got the food to-go because there are all of 10 seats inside the little building and it was packed on a Sunday morning.  We ended up eating down the street on a bench outside. It was very nice.

I saw a lot of people getting the fried chicken biscuit with gravy. It looked amazing but was way too much food for me. Sam got a sausage, egg, & cheese biscuit with their homemade sausage and a side of collard greens. He devoured every bite!

While we were waiting for the food we saw Guy’s signature on the wall!  This place was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives in March of 2009!  I was super excited to be eating at a place featured on Guy’s show!

We hung out later while waiting for our friends at Starbucks so we could hit a restroom and get something cool to drink.

A Starbucks Arnold Palmer (minus alcohol of course!) and a good book!

We had a good time chilling and left Portland about 7pm to head home!


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