First Long Run Back

Today I had scheduled my first long run.  Since I’m starting back at almost nothing, the distance was 4 miles.  It is pretty far to some, but in my mind its ‘4 measly miles’ since my brain is still tuned to 10+ miles on Saturdays!  Here’s how it played out:

Woke up to rain. Not Seattle drizzle. Rain. It was 6:30. I could run in the rain or wait for the gym to open at 8 and hit the tmill.  I slept another hour.. Wasn’t feeling the gym, so I read the kindle and then made waffles for myself and Sam. They were amazing and I had 2.  I couldn’t head straight to the gym so I worked on a few things around the house.  It stopped raining eventually so I waited to make sure it had stopped and it looked like the sun was trying to break through the clouds.  I got dressed and headed down to the flat trail.  I don’t want to run on hills yet and our road is hilly.

I am still trying to be cautious and I started by warming up with a short walk.  Then I took Kerrie’s advice and did 5:1 run:walk ratio for the rest of the 4 miles. I potentially could run the full-time, but this forces me to stop and think about my form and make sure nothing is hurting.  It worked out GREAT! The 5 minutes was a great time for me right now and the 1 minute was not too short or too long.  I was about 3/4 mile away from my car and it started to rain. Go Figure. It rained all the way back to the car.  Then when I got home, it hadn’t rained at all.  The distance between the two is less than 5 miles!

I took a quick shower and then got a snack. I wasn’t too hungry, but knew I needed to eat.


1/2 c. Nancy’s Plain yogurt, spoonful of strawberry Whey protein powder, 1/2 c Cascadia Farms Oat & Honey Granola, 1 banana, handful of Rainier cherries.

It totally hit the spot and was super tasty!

I had some errands to run and used some coupons at JoAnns where I ended up saving more than I spent! Then we hung out with some friends for a surprise birthday party.

Today’s Lesson: If you wait to run later in the day so that it isn’t raining anymore, God probably make it rain on you anyways!

Hope your Saturday went well!

Good luck to everyone running the See Jane Run half tomorrow! I wish I could join in the fun!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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