Summer Reading

I love to read.

On our vacation earlier this year I bought a bunch of books but didn’t quite finish all the purchased ones because of a bunch of freebies.  In the last week I read two amazing books!

Book 1:

I have been a huge fan of John Grisham for a long time now.  I used to read & re-read his books but then got out of it for awhile.  I hadn’t read The Testament yet so I put it on the kindle and devoured it. It was SO. GOOD. I am a sucker for adventure and the adventure taken by Nate in this story is wonderful.  I was also excited to see that this book had a christian influence to it.  I definitely recommend this book!

Book 2:

Again as a kid we used to love to read and listen to Mary Higgins Clark books on audio tape.  I hadn’t read much of her recent work, so I grabbed The Shadow of Your Smile for my kindle and read the entire book in about 2 days this week! The main and side story lines were well written so you are always wondering where things are going next.  I am usually pretty good at figuring out ‘who did it’ in these books, but I must be a little rusty as this one took me awhile to figure out.  This is definitely a good mystery with a bit of romance.

I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I did!


About Karla

Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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