Finally FRIDAY!!

Remember the old days of TGIF with Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step? Sitting at home with pizza and popcorn on a Friday night wondering what Kimmie and Urkel are going to get into this week.  Those are some good memories!

This week has been pretty crazy and busy.

My best friend suggested I get some of this to help with some of the preventative treatment for my IT bands since I’m starting back running.  It is kind of like icing but without dragging out all the ice packs!

Late nights + early mornings = no packed lunch. I went to the little sandwich place in our building and got a hot ham & pepperoni grinder. It was GOOD. It totally hit the spot for a rough day and being starving!

I LOVE plantains! I finally got up the nerve to buy one, but then read it takes ~2 weeks to ripen!  This one was all black so I sautéed it up in a pan with just some canola spray (making it black..) and a little cinnamon.  Not as good as when cooked by an African grandma (I don’t have one -but have eaten food by someone’s grandma), but good enough to satisfy the craving!

A 12 hour work day melts away with a few chocolate chip cookies and some milk!

Last night, Dave Ramsey, had a live broadcast about The Great Recovery.  If you are nervous about the economy or scared or feel hopeless, please go and watch Dave’s broadcast. It is a message of HOPE.  There are some amazing ideas and things you can do to bring HOPE to your life or a friend’s life through God.

God is the author of our Hope. He is our Provider.

I am linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged! Join us for InstaFriday!

life rearrangedHave a great weekend!


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One Response to InstaFriday

  1. Amanda says:

    I loved TGIF! I am too afraid to buy my own plantains even though I love them. And Dave Ramsey rocks my socks too!

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