Rough Monday

Today was not what I would call probably even a decent day.  It was THAT.BAD.

When I went to bed they were predicting sunshine today so I was excited to maybe wear a skirt or something. I woke up to clouds and thunder. Yes thunder.  It is odd because while it rains in Seattle, we don’t get a lot of thunderstorms. Yet a quick peek at the ipod revealed todays forecast was now thunderstorms.  not.good.

As I was leaving for work, I checked the traffic.  Well what do you know there was an accident and it was backed up from my exit towards my office for 5 miles.  I’m SO glad I checked, and was able to get around on the side streets and hop back on after the accident. Made it to work in one piece. (Side note: In Seattle if its raining that means BAD traffic. People do NOT know how to drive in the rain!!)

That’s where things really started to go downhill.  Issues galore. Sales guys who aren’t meeting their quotas freaking out. Software licenses missing. I had one guy – the same guy call me 5 times today and email me 3. And people wonder why I hate the phone.. That is just work related stuff!

I am also co-planning my 10 year High school reunion and there have been some fiascos with that today too.

So at 4 I was DONE. I did a couple of things and left for the gym.  My IT bands on both sides have felt tight but not sore or really painful.  I warmed up on the bike for 5 minutes and everything felt ok. I did some light stretching then started my 5:1 run:walk on the tmill.  I had decided since I was sore after Saturdays run that I would just run 2 tonight instead of 3.  It worked out well and I did some more stretching after it was over. The run was great!!  I felt great afterward and it totally helped me mentally to focus and get some sweat out!

Then I headed home like normal only the usual 10 minute drive took 30 because of another accident and I didn’t check the traffic since I’m usually going home from the gym at 7 when traffic is clear, but today it was 6. oops. And I thought I was going to get run over by the purple Volvo truck behind me about 10 times.

After a quick shower & dinner I headed up to Starbucks to meet a friend, but she ended up canceling on me. I treated myself to a White Chocolate Mocha and got a Cappuccino for Sam and came home.

I feel much more relaxed after running and getting some hugs from the hubs.  I hope to sleep like a log tonight and pray that tomorrow will be easy peasy!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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