(Some) Running Answers!

Last night (Tuesday) I ended up heading to the Running Store to go run because they were having a shoe demo night!  This usually involves free something or some kind of discount!

It was a Saucony night.  Probably 3 years ago I ran in Saucony’s but wasn’t a huge fan. They were ok, but I found the mileage to be minimal and noticed shin splints about 300-350 miles. not cool. However I’m game for a run in a new pair.

I got to the store a bit late because of traffic and they only had 2 types of shoes so I ended up in the Saucony ProGrid Guide. I didn’t have the ipod or camera to get a picture. 😦  I normally wear an 8.5, but all he had was a 9. So I laced them up a bit tighter and we took off.  New shoes feel a bit off at first, but I didn’t notice too much after that.  They felt pretty comfy, although I could tell they were a bit large for my feet.  The toe box is a bit too wide for my comfort. It’s not something I would probably purchase right away and would probably look into testing out the ProGrid Mirage before buying anything.

I ran/walked with most of my 5:1 routine for 3 miles.  It was about 70 out, but randomly HUMID.  Not normal!  I was dripping sweat! My IT bands felt ok but I did notice them a time or two.

Back at the running store I finally got to talk the the owner, who did some coaching for me earlier this year.  He’s familiar with my gait, so I talked to him about the IT issues I’m having.  He looked at my shoes and was able to determine the problem!

Problem: My left foot is stepping to the side or too far forward and then the right leg has to over compensate for it.  Its the Left IT that hurt the most.

He was able to determine this from wear on my shoes! He is pretty talented. So we reviewed some of the strategies for working on my gait as we did earlier this year.  Working on things like butt-kicks to use my hamstrings more, making sure I’m landing upright and on the flat foot (which I practice with peg-leg style) and taking shorter strides.  My biggest issues has been not getting my legs straight and using my quads to push off.  This causes pain. Trust me.  Anyway if you are curious about this I think most of it is the technique you would find in the ChiRunning book.  I don’t actually own the book but from what I can tell its similar.

The good news: I’m cleared by him to keep running and should be able to make MCM!

Today I ended up taking a rest day instead of the normal Tuesday rest day I take.  I had wanted to maybe go to the gym to lift, but work totally zapped my energy.



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