Sunny Summer Evening Run

Today the sun came out!! Hooray!!

I had to spend the day inside at the office and didn’t even get out for lunch! We ended up having a meeting over lunch. It was another long long day.  However I shut down the computer at 5 and left because I was dying to get outside for a run!

I got to the running store right at 6 and they were about to leave but they waited for me! We headed up along the Lake today and I am still only at 3 miles for my week-day runs.  One of my friends who is a CRA-ZY amazing runner wanted to hang with me because she ran Ragnar on Fri/Sat and then a full Marathon on Sunday. 3 easy miles was fine for her!  We ended up running with the Eric as well and had fun chatting.  I was fine on the way out, but on the way back the heat and speed (<10 min pace – fast for me right now!) got to me. I ended up having to walk a couple of times. I didn’t do the 5:1 thing, but really focused on my gait and trying to be more even!  It totally worked! I didn’t have any soreness!

(Ipod picture did not turn out very well!! sorry!)

I wore my new visor – the only one I could find that would fit my small head! It is a Brooks Visor.  I don’t really wear hats for running. I wear them otherwise though! Since it was sunny I threw on some old sun glasses. I really need to find some good ones, but don’t want to drop $$$$ on a sports pair!

Since this week has been so busy, we have been lazy.  I stopped at Jimmy Johns for dinner.  It was very YUM!

Hope you got to enjoy your sunny summer day!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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