Long Run with a New Friend!

Saturday morning I HAD to get my long run done EARLY.

Friday night I tweeted one of my local fellow runners as to if she was running Saturday, how far and where. I knew she had been running sort of close to my house a lot for her long runs.  After a little back and forth she had farther to run than me so she said to meet her at one park at 7 and she would start before that, run some to meet me, we would run, then she would go back to her car.  The trail has a park like every 2 miles so it works out nicely.

Saturday morning the alarm goes off before 6. Whew!  I need to get back into this schedule! I got up and had a piece of toast with PB and water. I checked the temperature:

Perfect Running weather!

Grabbed a pair of shorts and the new Nike shirt I got Friday night at Dick’s and got dressed and tried to find a way for the hair to be up.  I decided on a pony then braided the pony.  I have not tried this before, but since my hair has gotten much longer its been a struggle to keep it UP while running!  Any suggestions?

I filled my water bottle and grabbed a Gu for good measure and hit the road.  I knew it wouldn’t take me more than 10 minutes to get to my designated spot, but I wanted to be sure I was there on time and early. I was a good 5+ minutes early so I got all my gear situated and did a bit of warm up and waited. Then I saw Kerrie coming down the trail right on time!

She stopped, we hugged, and she had to stretch for a minute and then we were off.  She let me set the pace. The miles ticked away.  I was so excited to see this guy out:

Mr Sun was out for the day!

We had a good time and got to the turn around no problem.  We walked a little bit for my sake at the turn around and then walked once more I think or maybe twice on the way back.  The pace was pretty good and I was excited that I pretty much ran the whole way!  We snapped the usual phone/ipod picture before we parted:

I headed home and stopped to get myself and Sam some saturday morning coffee.  I was pretty warm after the run and opted for an iced mocha along with my peanut butter waffles!

Then it was off for a busy day filled with wedding cake! More details coming soon!


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