Sleepy Saturday

I like to get up early on Saturdays and do my Long Runs so that I don’t have to rush on Sundays or roast on Sunday afternoons if the weather is nice.  I attempted to get up yesterday early to go run and my body just didn’t make it.  I ended up sleeping for 10 hours!  That is not normal for me!!

After getting up Sam and I headed out to our favorite breakfast spot, Wild Wheat Bakery. It is fabulous! I had buckwheat pancakes with bananas and a hot chocolate.  YUM!  Great way to start off the day.

I was contemplating doing some work but quickly lost motivation and ended up running a bunch of errands which somewhat entailed shopping!

First stop: The sewing repair store.  I was sewing myself an ipod cover the other week and badly bent a needle.  I felt like the machine was making a strange noise and my friends told me to take it to this shop and they’d check it out. If something was broken, their repair prices aren’t too high.

Luckily, everything is OK with my Project Runway inspiration! It was more of a “user error” issue.  Oops.

Next I stopped at The Grainery.  One of my friends goes here a lot to buy a lot of her dry goods.  I thought I’d stop in since its near the sewing store.  I got some black beans, oatmeal and a few ball jars to be featured in an upcoming post! I really liked it and may go back when I run out of my flour and sugars!

Then the mall.  They are doing construction and the mall is a nightmare but its the only place nearby with a Victoria’s Secret. I was in desperate need of a new bra.  I had a gift card from Christmas that was still unused! Luckily it was a painless process and I got exactly what I needed!

Before you knock it, I have tried several different stores in the last few months to see if I could find something better or comparable and did not have luck.  So I returned.

Then since I was in the mall I stopped by my favorite store! LOFT.  I had gotten an email saying 30% off and while I had a nice spree there a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d peruse the sale rack.  Sure enough I found a great tee which ended up costing me $10!

Recently I have worked on getting some semi-casual but plain tees that I can wear to work and avoid the college Tshirts.  I have a pretty casual job but I need to work on dressing my age.

Earlier this week my friend emailed me that a bag I’d been watching on The Sak was on sale and everything on sale was 50% off! I debated for a few minutes but when I saw there was only 1 left, I pulled the trigger!  The $90 bag only cost me $38 including shipping!  And I got it this week!

I am totally in LOVE! its great! It’s a great size and the crossbody strap is amazing!  I have been digging the crossbody thing lately as its easier to carry and easier on my shoulder.

During my day ventures I stopped at Target for a few essentials and then headed to my local running store.  I am into “supporting the locals” lately. I was also in desperate need of new sports bras.  Unfortunately the selection was somewhat meager and they only had like 2 bras that were even in my size, but they weren’t going to be good enough for running. So I headed home and shopped here:

Ahh.. Amazon. How I love you.  In case you are wondering I got this bra. I read reviews and went through the ‘Sports Bra Fitting Room’ on the Moving Comfort site and it topped the list!

All in all, it was a good Saturday!


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