Tuesday Run Group

Today was a long day at work.  I got there early to work on a task which was due today and I started last night because the other person didn’t do it in time. I had lunch with one of my good friends and we made tentative plans for a marathon in the spring!

I did my best to get everything done and jumped ship about 5:20.  Run group is at 6pm.  I headed there and made it with about 10 minutes to spare so I could hit the restroom and change.  I also talked to the owner about the sports bra situation and he grabbed a bra for me to try to it wasn’t bad but was a bit tight. He thinks they run small.  I’m not as sold at the moment and especially since the price was $65.  But you never know.  I’ll see how the one I ordered works out first.

We headed out along Lake Washington for our usual run and I was planning on running 3 miles.  I was nervous because my Long run this weekend made my IT band hurt – because of my own stupidity. However, I took off with two of my good running friends who happen to run a fair bit faster pace than I do.  I hung with them and felt fine at the 1.5 mile mark and thought, well I’ll just go a little farther.  I didn’t want to go all the way to the 2, so I went to 1.75.  I turned around and had to walk to catch my breath because of our speedy pace!  I tried to keep a good pace going back, but did have to walk again. Here’s the chart so you can definitely see the 3 short walks I took.

Total Distance: 3.5 mi/36:04

Splits: Mile 1 =10:03, Mile 2 = 10:28, Mile 3 = 10:31, Last 0.5 = 10:06

Average pace: 10:19

I feel great and the IT band is not sore and I still iced it to be safe! Hopefully on my way to full recovery!

*sorry I keep forgetting my camera or I’d have some pretty pictures of the lake!


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