Wedding Cake #1

About 8 months ago one of our good friends called me about 10pm at night.  She basically asked me to make her wedding cake as a way of telling me she was engaged!  I was very confused at first but then excited!  I readily agreed as I love baking and haven’t had a chance to do a wedding cake yet!

Time went by and we eventually discussed what she wanted which was very simple and nothing too big.  It was planned to be a large wedding so we were more concerned with just having sheet cake on hand than a huge brides cake.

I hunted down some 12×18 sheet pans and did a test cake on the 4th of July and it was pretty simple.  Two weeks before the wedding we talked numbers and they had 200 RSVPs and it was open invitation to the church. We decided that we would have cake for  250 minimum and maybe 300 to be safe.

I pulled out all my recipes and did the math for how much I would need.  Then I headed off to the grocery store on Wednesday night before the wedding.

A large quantity of eggs(5 dozen!), butter and powered sugar!  The box mixes were for all the sheet cakes.  The tiered cake was going to be made from scratch cake.

Thursday night I started in on this:

I made all 4 12×18 sheet cakes on Thursday evening. They were just box mixes.  Each sheet cake was 2 box mixes, so 8 mixes all together! My mixer got quite the workout, but was in it for the long haul and is no worse for the wear!

Friday morning I started in on the tiered cakes from scratch. The top layer was chocolate so I made it first. It was a 6″ cake so there was some cake leftover and I made a few cupcakes to enjoy!  Then I slowly worked on the white cake layers for the 8″ layer and the 10″ layers.  My little oven fits 2-8″ pans but the 10″ had to bake individually. Here’s a few of them done!

I also baked up an extra 9×13 cake to have ‘just in case’.  it was my extra 50 people factor from 250-300 if that many came!

Saturday I got up early for a run! Then headed straight to the church to frost everything there.  Transporting regular cake is fine. Transporting frosted cake is tricky.  You can fix things with frosting. Once frosted you are done. I got straight to work and got the tiered layers frosted first. But then one frosting batch into the sheet cakes, I realized I was not going to have enough crisco.  Yes I said that word.  I did a 50-50 butter/crisco combo for the icing.  Luckily there was Safeway across the street and I made record time with my crisco sticks.

I was hoping to be done frosting by 1pm since the wedding was at 2pm but that didn’t happen due to my math error.  So.. people started to arrive and walk in and talk to me and let’s just say I’m not the nicest person when stressed…

In the end everything got done!  We had to leave it in the kitchen during the ceremony because the ceremony & reception were in the church auditorium. So here they sat waiting:

The cake stand is this 10″ Anchor stand from target.  Yes the bottom cake layer was 10″ and this was a risky scenario, but it worked out in my favor!

Once the ceremony was over, I had to move the cakes and get everything looking nicely.  That is always another huge risk! But the cake survived!

The formal cake was up on stage with the wedding party and so that everyone could see it being cut.  It worked out pretty well.  The sheet cakes were right below this on their own table.

In the end everyone loved the cake! I got comments this past week on it still!  I was glad everything turned out well even though I was ready to pass out at the end!  Cake baking & decorating is a lot of work!

Would I do this again?  Yes! It was fun, but also stressful because of my current work schedule, so next time I will factor that in a bit more!


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