My First Le Creuset!

This is a big deal to someone who loves to bake or cook.  I am sure some of you are laughing right about now but this is HUGE for me!

The DREAM of any cook is to have Le Creuset something! Preferably a dutch baker, but at $300 a pop, that’s not likely as a wedding gift!  However, I will take what I can get!

About a month ago my mom called me from the outlets in Pennsylvania where she was shopping with my Grandma and Aunt.  She was in the Le Creuset outlet and wanted to know if I wanted anything.  Umm YES!!! Oh decisions!  I knew she wasn’t going to buy the baker, but had to think of something small.  I suggested a coffee mug or bowl or the utensil crock. I have had this on my amazon wish list for awhile as the current little crock I have is quite lacking. Mom asked what color and I said surprise me!  I have white dishes but am going for colored accents.

When I was home this past weekend this beauty was waiting for me:


It is the Utensil Crock in Purple!  I don’t see it on the website but it was from an outlet store.

I carried it home in my carry on bag on the plane and was super careful not to let it break!

Once I got some sleep and got unpacked I set it up in its new home!

It is not quite full yet, but I’m still deciding what else to add to it!  I love the dark purple contrast next to my white mixer!

I am thinking the next color is going to be a green of some sort for a bit of pep!

What do you think? Anyone else have an obsession with Le Creuset??


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4 Responses to My First Le Creuset!

  1. Yup! Jason does. We check out the outlets and got a few really great deals at Bed, Bath and Beyond. A smudge on the label and one with a “messed up” lid for like half price! We collect random colors too! Red, lime, blue… lol.

    And…. I’m reading your blog backwards and I just got my hair cut and colored to. EXACTLY the same as yours! It’s like we’re related!

    Love you!

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  3. Carrie says:

    I don’t share quite the same obsession for Le Creuset but I LOVE the color!

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