Way back when (well 3 years ago) before we got married I was growing my hair out so I could have some hair to ‘DO’ for the wedding.  Afterward, I ended up deciding to keep growing my hair out. This has been a process for about 2 years.  I have not really ever had ‘long’ hair so I decided to try it out.

I have really fine hair and a medium amount of it. This amounts to it being stick straight and hard to really ‘style’.  As it got longer, I ended up with with more and more tangles.  It would take me 2 minutes to just comb out my wet hair and get through all the tangles.  Even after massive amounts of conditioner and no-tangle spray!  I did this for quite a while, however it started to get old.  Also, it was starting to get heavy and with the running, it was not so easy to pull back. So here is a before picture I took a week ago.

(sorry for the grainy ipod photo!)

You can see it goes well past the shoulders and is kind of blah. I have ended up just pulling it back in some form or fashion probably the last 2 months!

When Mom was talking about me coming home, she said she had a cut & color appointment with our favorite girl, Ashley, at the salon when I was home.  Well she graciously gave the appointment to me and made herself another one!  I was thrilled!

I headed in to see Ashley. She was surprised and not thrilled with the hair status!  She did a fabulous job with my hair before the wedding.  We tested all sorts of things out and she worked her magic until it was perfect!  I told her I wanted it cut.  We decided that it would be shoulder-length.  Since we were going to add some highlights, she didn’t want to have to worry about coloring all the excess. So she grabbed a hair band, made a low ponytail and cut it off! I was excited and it was fun to see! I forgot to take a picture but it was a good 4″ of hair or so!

Then we got to coloring and cutting and I was thrilled with the end result!

An Inside picture.

And an Outside picture!

I am LOVING it!  It has layers and dries nicely and it all pulls back into a ponytail!  That was rule #1 for the cutting!  In the middle of marathon training, I can’t deal with the hassle of trying to pin it up or anything!

It is always fun to pamper yourself a bit and change things up!


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