Another fun week of cell phone pictures and the like!

Some of these are with the ipod touch and some are with my old school cell phone..

Last weekend I was back home in good ole UVA country.  I miss it.  I never went to school there because it was too close to home, but I like to pretend I did!

I ate Chick-fil-a twice while I was home.  It is amazing. It is a favorite!!! YUM!

I have had an un-healthy obsession with Reeses pieces lately!  They are SO yum!

During one of my target excursions I found this gem.  I think it will look fabulous with the purple Le Creuset I just added to my kitchen!  We’ll have to see. Its still being debated.

Otherwise this week has involved lots of work- including a couple of late nights so not much else to report!

I am linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged because she is awesome and its so fun to peruse people’s phone picts!!

life rearrangedHave a great Friday and weekend ya’ll!!


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