Sunday Long Run

This week I slept in on Saturday and only made it 3 miles.  This means I had to do the long run on Sunday morning. I set the alarm and set a goal of starting running at the trail between 7 and 7:30.

I had a hard time waking up, but eventually made it up and ate a half of a PB sandwich and had some water.  I sat on the couch and read and played on the ipod to try to wake myself up.  I set an alarm so I wouldn’t fall asleep or miss my time.  I ended up sitting there till 7.  I had my clothes laid out so I went and changed and grabbed my water bottle & headed out the door.  I drove to the trail and parked where some other cars were.

I started running right at 7:30.  So I was within the goal! When I turned onto the trail I was greeted with this:

A beautiful trail with the early morning sun!

I had on my visor & sunglasses as I was going to be running 5 miles into the sun and then 5 miles away from the sun!

I am totally LOVING this visor.  The reason being is that it fits on my tiny head and stays there and has done a great job so far with keeping the sun off my face!

I headed out and decided to try to walk every 2 miles for a minute or so to drink some water.  I did that at mile 2 and then again at mile 4. I also took a Gu at 4.  I have found that religiously taking a Gu every 4 miles for me has worked. I kept chugging along and was starting to get weary of running straight into the sun.  I finally hit mile 5 and at this point started walking a bit every mile.  I walked a few extra times where there were strange corners on the trail or something funky.  The bikers were out and about and I didn’t want to get run over! I kept chugging along and took another Gu at mile 8.  At this point I was familiar with where I was and knew the last 2 miles.  I went easy and then the last mile, I tried to pick up the pace. I made it back to the car right at my 10 miles!

Hooray for a double-digit run!

I am pleased with the solid 11:00 pace knowing that I walked some of those parts of miles and had to run fast enough to make up the difference!  I am pretty consistent with my pace, so this is right where I want to be for now!

After some stretching and Gatorade, I showered and we headed to church.  After church we did a bunch of stuff around the house.  I worked on laundry & cleaning and ended up getting to do a bit of sewing! Overall  great day!


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