Monday at the Gym

Since I did my long run yesterday, I didn’t want to run again today as my legs were maybe a bit sore.  Instead I decided to hit the gym for spin class.

I. was. late. 15 minutes late to class.  But I still survived my first spin class in months!  It was good and I was sweating within 5 minutes. It was also hot in the room as its currently raining (in Seattle! shocker!) and somewhat humid as well.

After spin, I really wanted to get in a few weights.  Here’s what I managed to fit into about 15 minutes:

Then I headed to the mats for some stretching. After the long run AND spin, my legs were tight!  I spent ~10 minutes stretching.  I am not sure though because they took all the clocks out of the gym?  Really confusing.

I headed home and we had chicken tacos for dinner and then I had to do some work. boo!

By the way – best. chicken. tacos. ever. Here’s the recipe! We love these! It makes a TON of meat and it reheats fabulously. I make them by following the recipe to a T.  Yes the little Gourmet Garden pastes are a bit pricey, but totally worth the money!

I ate them too fast to get a picture! Next time!


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