Lord of the Wing Competition

One of our close friends, Rob, is a huge fan of Wing Dome. Wing Dome is similar to Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings).

Last week we got an email from Rob about a wing-eating competition.  Wing Dome had a competition at each location as to who could eat the most wings over several days. Then the top person from each location would compete to win a voucher to go to Buffalo, NY for the a wing convention. Here are the rules details.

Rob ended up being #2 at the West Seattle Location, but the #1 person couldn’t compete so he got to compete in the final! We made some signs and headed over for the competition!

The kids made their own signs!

Rob didn’t seem nervous and each contestant had a small gathering of supporters.  It was homey and fun.  They had several Refs and they explained the rules and then Set the timer!  It was eating time!  Whoever could eat the most wings in 5 minutes would win.  These were not puny wings either – they were 4 alarm (out of 7) – so relatively hot!


Ready. Set. Go!

It was a long 5 minutes to watch some people eat wings! After it was over they counted them up and two guys tied with 19, the other guy had 18 and Rob had 17.  Not a winner, but 17 wings in 5 minutes is a lot! So we settled down to watch another eat off for the two guys who tied.  They had 3 MORE minutes of eating wings ahead of them!  It was fun and the winner ate 11 wings in those 3 minutes. (He was eating like 2 at a time!)

After all this excitement we finally got our food. I was pretty hungry since it had been a busy work day. I ordered 12 wings and Sam and I split some fries.

They totally hit the spot and were amazing! It is a good place to eat, so if you are local and haven’t been yet – check it out!

This was my first time at a food eating competition.  It was not too bad.  Have you ever been to one? What did you think?


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One Response to Lord of the Wing Competition

  1. Carrie says:

    I know this guy! I was there! It really happened!

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