Sunny Saturday Long Run!

This morning turned out to be pretty perfect! I got up and had some toast with PB and then got ready. Before I left the house I checked the weather and saw this:

PERFECT running weather!

I got to the trail and felt great and started running.  I decided to try the same thing as last week and try to go for 2 miles running and then walk some.  I got to 2 fine, and then 4 and took my Gu with some of my water. Speaking of Gu, our group run Thursday afternoon was sponsored by Gu and we got free Gu!  Here’s what I grabbed up for being there early:

3 of my favorite flavors!!

I had the Jet Blackberry and Lemon Sublime today.  After 4 I started walking once every mile. I got to mile 5 where I turned around last week and had to keep going. At this point, I was running directly in the sun and it was in my face. Mile 5-6 was slightly uphill and in the sun, I was starting to get tired. Not good.  The last .1 of mile 5 was in the shade! The temperature difference was amazing! When I got to my turn around, I walked a bit in the shade to cool down. I headed back and this side of the trail had spots of shade so it was much more refreshing. I was walking about every mile. When I got to 8, there was a bench, so I stopped to re-tie my shoes. It made a difference. When I hit mile 10 I was pretty tired of being in the sun! It was finally shady and I ended up running for about .25 mi at a time and then walking a bit. Unfortunately, my IT was starting to hurt off and on, so I was trying to take it easy. I finally made it back to the car and saw a little beach area by the river which was sectioned off for playing.  Fun little spot still vacant at 10 in the morning!

I headed over there stat!  Can you tell I was worn out after the 12?

I needed some refreshing. At Thursday’s group run we had a little extra fun and went running in the river. seriously. we hopped in and raced between bridges. I got soaked but had a blast.  Seeing the water I walked right in!

Yes – shoes and ALL! It felt amazing! After walking around a bit, I knelt down to get all the way up to my knees. It was my own little ice bath!

After this I headed home, with a quick stop at Starbucks of course for a mocha frapp.  It cooled me down nicely!

Here are the stats:

12 miles/ 2:15:10/11:15 avg pace.

Here are the pace charts & elevation chart.  I didn’t realize the hill! No wonder I was so wiped out at mile 6.

After the run I cleaned up and did a bit of shopping at Macys and watched my friend’s son for the afternoon. It was a really pretty day and quite toasty! I enjoyed it!


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One Response to Sunny Saturday Long Run!

  1. Carrie says:

    Pretty amazing Karla, and no, I can’t tell you’re worn out. You look great!

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