Awesome Wednesday Run!

Yesterday turned out to be a fabulous day!  Ended by an awesome run!

I decided to ‘dress up’ a bit for work:


Sweater: Nordstrom Rack


Pearls: Premier Design Jewelry

(sorry about the changing room picture! the day was crazy and I never got a chance to take real pictures!)

I got ready for my run in my new Nike shorts:

LOVE them! I They are maybe a newer version of the tempo shorts, but they were super comfy and didn’t bother me AT ALL!

I headed out with 3 other ladies for our Wednesday ‘group run’! One of the ladies was bravely pushing a stroller and she turned around at mile 1.5 and was doing great! It is really encouraging for those of us without kids to see those of you do, bringing them with you!  We headed on up the Lake to the 2.5 mile mark. This includes passing the Eagles nest which is sitting on a pole in the lake.  One of the parents was sitting out there! It is so exciting to see a Bald eagle in nature! I had taken my water with me even though I wasn’t sure I’d need it for 5 miles, but it was nice to have a sip at the turn around.  We headed back a bit faster probably due to it being downhill! We had a fantastic run and the 3 of us chatted the whole way!  Here’s the end result:

Part of the reason the run was so awesome was due to the fabulous temperature!

This was when we finished running!  It has been cloudy in Seattle the last few days, however things are brightening up now!

The 5 miles was a great way to close out August miles!


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