Long Run + Football!

Saturday morning I got up early knowing it was going to be a WARM day here in Seattle.  I am not used to running when it is hot, so I wanted my run done early.  I got up and had some oatmeal and got ready to head out.  I left the house a bit late but was running about 7:40.  Here’s the temperature when I started:

This was marvelous! Oh man it felt amazing outside! I picked to run up along Lake Washington this week. It’s a bit hillier, but also shady.  There are also bathrooms and water at various places.  I ended up stopping at the bathroom one mile in, but that was all I needed! I basically ran out 7 & back to get to 14.  I ran up and the course switches between trail & road. It was pretty quiet minus a few other runners and bikers.  There are some steeper hills so, I picked points about 1/2-2/3 the way up the hill and would run to there and walk the rest. I wanted to conserve my energy.  I got to 4 miles and was easily in my groove and took my first gu.  I kept chugging along and saw a lot of yummy looking blackberries!

I started to feel a bit off at the turn-around at 7 miles, but I took a few minutes to walk and was able to calm myself down. 7 miles away from your starting place can be a bit scary! I headed back just waiting for my mile 8 beep so I could take the next Gu.  I felt way better and kept running along.  Up to this point almost everything was in the shade, but the sun started coming out more so it started to wear on me.  I did a little more walking.  I got to mile 12 and went ahead with another Gu. I only had 2 miles left, but they were sunny miles.  I am glad I took it.  I stopped to get a few pictures of the lake and the mountain!

Quick self-portrait. One day soon I hope to have a new cell phone which takes better pictures!!

I wasn’t far from the car at this point so I headed back and did a mini loop to round out my 14.

Overall – I really enjoyed this run more as it was much more shady! My IT band didn’t hurt, nor was it even sore!  It was a bit tight, but nothing a little stretching couldn’t help.

I headed home to the ice bucket. We didn’t have much ice for a full bath, so I just got the bucket and iced my feet/calves. It definitely helps!

I had called Sam on my way home to find out the plans for the rest of the day. He was at some friends watching football since we don’t have cable. They are Washington fans and have season tickets to the game.  It just happened to be the first game of the season!  They were going and invited us along.  So I got ready and found my only purple shirt and headed to their house. We dropped their kids off and picked up Carrie’s Dad and headed to the game.  We parked 1 mile from the stadium and walked. We went slow thankfully!  My legs were tired! Sam and I got tickets at the box office for cheaper than the guys selling them on the street! We headed up to our seats and stopped for a few great views on the way!

Mt. Rainier from the top level of the stadium

Boats on the lake

Then it was time for the game to start!  As always, an extra large flag was produced to kick things off!

Here is an action shot of the game! It was a good game and very close!

It got a bit windy a few times and I got the flag at the end of the stadium:

The game was a nail biter at the end, but the Huskies pulled it out in a close win!

Husky Win! 30-27

After this we headed back and had a little dessert before heading home!

It was a perfect day to start off the Football season and fall!


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  1. Carrie says:

    It was a perfect Saturday!

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