Sunny Southern California

Every once in awhile I get to travel somewhere cool for work. Last week I spent two days in Southern California. It was supposed to be 1 day in San Diego and one day in Irvine.  However I ended up driving from Irvine to San Diego BOTH days.

After the first day – we had started pretty early in the morning so I headed back to LA before much traffic.  I decided though to take a slight detour over the big bridge towards Coronado! I got a bit lost at first, but made my way over to the beach!

Compared to the east coast beaches I am used to, this was huge! I have been on this beach before years ago though.  I walked out to the water and got a great view of the hotel.

Hotel del Coronado

It was fun to just stand and watch the waves crash at my feet!

Then who goes to the beach without sticking your feet in the water!!!

It was very refreshing and fun! I wish had time to chill out there all day!

Next I hit the road and headed up to see a friend who was just starting college at Azusa Pacific University. I passed by Angels Stadium on the way!

The Campus was very pretty! I had never been here before.

We started out with some dinner and then walked around a bit.  Here is a self portrait of a few the girls I was hanging out with.

Me, Merina, Brigitta, Danielle

After this we dropped Danielle off for class and went and explored the dorm rooms – not too bad!  Then we headed to a freshman root beer mugging!  I passed for a freshman walking in. Not sure if that is good or bad- but the root beer float was great!

After this we headed over to get in line for Chapel. They have a Wednesday night chapel called Kaleo Chapel.  Kaleo means ‘to call’ in greek. It was a different chapel than when I was in school, but very good!  After it was over I headed back to my hotel and had a full day of work the next day!

It was a great trip – minus having the wrong date on my return ticket!  Did you know there is a Thursday the 8th in December?  I had a plane ticket booked for Thursday December 8th and NOT September 8th. OOPS.  It was easily remedied and I made it home safely!

If you have not been to southern California – I highly encourage you to go! It is really fun with a lot to do!


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