Long Run: 18 miles

This weekend I ran 18 miles.  Let’s Recap.

Last week I really didn’t want to run alone.  I put out posts and emailed people. I got a lot of “I’m tapering for a sooner race” or “I am lazy” or “I am out of town”.  Thursday I decided I needed to find a solo plan.  I have had issues finding water/bathrooms lately so I scouted out a run in my usual spot where I would run out 5 one direction and back, fill up with water, then run out 4 the other direction.  My friend called it a ‘bow tie’ route and said he wasn’t a fan, but it could work.  Part of the reasoning is the first 5 was much more hilly!

I had plans to try and start running about 7:30 am.  The sun doesn’t come up now until ~7 so I was hoping it was light enough by then.  It was still quite dark since it was cloudy.  I took my time getting ready and ended up starting running at 8.  It was lighter and I didn’t need to have extra reflective stuff or a light. I had decided to do a run walk on this run. The last few runs I have started out too fast and end up having to walk a lot more at the end. I decided on a 9:1 ratio just because it would be super easy and no math required!

I headed out up the lake for the 5 out and back.  It took ~3 miles to get into the groove but the 9:1 was working out well.  I did have to walk a little extra a couple times on some of the hills.  I also walked a little longer to take my Gu.  I had a Gu at mile 4 and mile 5 came pretty quick. I turned around and headed back. It was not bad.  Breaking up the run and heading back made it a lot easier!  I took my other Gu at mile 8 and made it to the car at mile 10.  I also hit up the bathroom and refilled my water.  (I had brought water with me in the car to refill so it was nice, filtered water!)

Then I headed out the river for the 4 out and back.  It had started to mist a bit harder at this point so I had to alter the route and stay on the roads a bit instead of the trail.  It wasn’t bad.  I made it to the 4 mile turn around and headed back.  Still feeling pretty good.  The last 3 miles or so I ended up doing more of a 5:1 walk or so. I tried to get to the 9 as much as I could, but didn’t always make it.  I made it back to the car and didn’t feel horrible! Success!

18 miles DONE!

The temps have started dropping here and I work my compression capri tights, a t-shirt and then my craft vest.  It was perfect! The vest is amazing in the rain and the compression tights Made a difference!

After getting some super yummy starbucks I jumped in the bathtub!

Cold water plus 1 bag of ice.  I usually spend ~10 minutes in there.  I sit while it fills up then about 10 minutes with the ice or until it is all gone.  It makes such a difference!

The rest of the day I rested and hung out and then watched my Boilers get trounced by the Irish. Boo!


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