Ladies Group Run

Last night I met up with my Ladies group at the local running store.  There were 3 of us. We decided on 5 miles as a distance. Its hard to run different mileage with just a few people.  We headed out and my legs felt a little wonky at first but we started slow! SO thankful for that! It makes a difference!

We headed up along the lake at a nice conversational pace.  At 1.5 miles I really wanted to turn around but I kept going. Once we hit the turn around at 2.5 miles I felt pretty good.  I started to hit my stride and felt good running.  At the very end I was able to pick it up a bit the last half mile.  Here’s the total:

5.24 miles in 56:10 /10:42 pace

These days the Latitude is really showing. We headed out at 6 and it got dark quickly!  We forgot reflective gear or headlamps! OOPS! We were ok but the last mile it started to get a bit too dark.  You could still mostly see!  Good thing by that point we were on the sidewalks! It is also starting to get cooler, but my car said 55 or so when I got out so I stuck with shorts & a tee.  Probably one of the last weeks I’ll be able to do this!  Here is proof!

Overall, a good run.  My calf muscle was a bit sore and i could feel it, but it was not painful nor did it alter my gait.  Just gotta keep working it out so that it will be race ready!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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