My First Quilt!

**Disclaimer**:This post is long & has LOTS of pictures!

For a long time I have wanted to learn how to quilt.  I really want to make a t-shirt quilt and all that jazz.  But then my cousin Abby, made a jelly roll quilt.  It looked pretty simple.  I looked at JoAnns for Jelly rolls but they seemed pricey. Then I remembered awhile back I bought some fabric quarters, backing fabric and batting to make a quilt.  However, I was too intimidated back then – or busy! So I got started with my own ‘jelly roll’ quilt!

Here is what I started with:

  • 1 yard plain fabric
  • 6 fabric quarters – 3 coordinating colors
  • 1 roll of the small size batting
  • matching thread

Pretty simple.  Let’s get started!

Step 1: Wash all the fabrics & press them.  I dried mine a bit too much and they didn’t totally press cleanly, but well enough!

Step 2: Cut all the fabric quarters into 2.5″ wide strips!

Step 3: Make a pattern out of all the strips!I made two columns of strips.  I used the same Blue/Green/Yellow Pattern but started with a different color at the top so they would alternate.

Step 4: Sew all the strips together with 1/4″ seam.

Finally the 2 panels are done!

Step 5: Iron the seams.  Now you have 2 options here. You can iron them flat to one side and always the darker fabric or iron them open.  In my book, it recommended ironing them flat open. So that is what I did!

It was not too terribly painful once I got going.  I am not a fan of ironing but I survived this!

Step 6: Sew the two panels together. Then iron the middle seam flat as well.

Most of the strips match up pretty evenly.  I might not do it this way again if you want them to match up exactly.

Step 7: Basting. This has several steps. First is to lay out the batting then lay the quilt top on top of the batting and smooth it out. Then roll the batting & quilt top up (they will stick together probably) and then lay out the backing.  Straighten out and tape it to the floor. Unroll the batting/top on top of it and go slow to make sure it was straight.  I think mine was a bit crooked but I had enough lee-way to make it work.  Then baste it by putting safety pins every 6″ to hold it together.  Make sure it is FLAT and no wrinkles!

I did this on carpet because the only hard floor I have is my kitchen floor and it was NOT clean when I was doing this! I suggest hard floor however!

Step 8: Its quilting time! I was all ready to go and doing my research when I found about this thing called a “walking foot”.  The one for my machine is $50!  I ended buying an off brand on amazon for half price.  The reviews were mixed, but it worked! I decided to quilt on either side of the seams just one direction.

The walking foot! DO NOT sew OVER the pins! Remove them as you go.

This is the back. My blue thread blended in. it looks pretty sweet.

The whole thing done!

I should note that this process is SLOW. the walking foot prohibits you from going very fast so it takes awhile.  I did this in one evening but it was 4-5 hours I think. I lost track.

Step 9: Square it up! Cut of all the excess and make the edges nice & straight!

I laid it out on my kitchen floor and used masking tape to make it flat then yarn to watch my lines and then my cutter to cut.

Step 10: Binding! the last step! Now there are methods out there. I did lots of research and put this step off for probably over a week!  I bought binding. yes I know cheating. I read all this stuff online about how you sew it to one side open and then flip over and sew or something other. I could not figure it out.  Here’s my attempt:

In the end, I just decided to pin it on the ends and stitch it down. All Pinned and the corners were NOT hard. Somehow I figured that part out!

Sewing – I used the walking foot still as the fabric was thicker. Not sure it was necessary. Better safe than sorry!

And… .. Drum roll………………. DONE!

corner close up!

How much thread did I use?

Almost 1 full spool! Many many bobbins! Wind several before beginning the quilting process!

I gave this away to my friend who is due with a little boy in November.  It is about crib size! I’ll have to post a baby+quilt picture once he is born!

This was a really fun and challenging process!  I am already onto the next blanket! Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to My First Quilt!

  1. Carrie says:

    It is so cool and now if we can get a baby to go with it!
    This was a lot of time and motivation to finish I’m sure 🙂

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