Foothills Morning Run!

The first part of this week, I was in the LA area for work.  Wasn’t my ideal trip but I decided to make good use of my time. Tuesday morning I set the alarm and got up early and went for a run. Its nice that it wasn’t raining or anything!

I had mapped out a general run on map my run so I knew a general area to run in.  I headed out and felt pretty good. It is strange to run in the morning, but I felt really good! I saw another guy but almost ran into him because he didn’t have any reflective gear on!  It was definitely dark, but where I was running, there were some street lamps as well.  I ended up running up some relatively large hill.  It was a bit tough, but I felt fine at the end. After 20 mins I turned around and headed back! Here’s what the turn around looked like:

Oh and I may have turned around because it was at the top of the hill and I didn’t want to run down and back up the other side…

This was a really nice sand trail on the side of the sidewalk so it was still lighted and easier on the legs!

That part was easy but the better news was that I felt like I hit my stride and my legs were feeling great!

Here is a picture once it was a bit more light of the side of the hills I was running on:

I ended up with 3.5 miles, which was strange as I turned around at 1.7 miles but who knows about the garmin sometimes.

And Here I am at the end with my little headlamp and reflective gear.

Note: self portraits are not so easy so early in the morning!

I am so glad this run went so well!  I have been feeling the taper madness lately!

3 days till race day!!!


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