One Year Ago: I trucked my face

Yes I said that!  On November 2, 2010 I took my 2nd ever trip to the ER.  Here’s the short story:

It was any normal busy day.  I had my typical food with me, but probably had some meetings and forgot to eat it all.  I was in my boss’ office discussing some travel plans and I started to feel light-headed and hot. All I thought was – I need to get back to my desk and sit down. I don’t really remember the end of the conversation but I started walking around the corner to my office and felt really off.  I started stumbling – I think I was trying to walk faster – but then I fell as I was passing out. I unfortunately fell into the wood molding around our conference room window with my forehead. I guess its good it was not the glass.  The secretary looked and me and asked if I was ok and I thought so but then she started freaking out.  I had cut my head.  Once we got some paper towels and ice she got a better look and suggested going to the ER.  I was sitting on the floor and didn’t want to move. My office mate came out and also suggested the ER. She was able to get my wallet, call the local ER and make sure they took my insurance and then took me there.  NO way was I getting an Ambulance!

We made it to the ER and they got me back right away.  No wait! They started taking vitals and the doctor came in to check me out.  I definitely needed stitches and lots of them! But this cut was vertical on my forehead – your forehead lines normally go horizontal. This worried him a bit.  However it was a blessed day as the next thing he said was “We have a plastic surgeon who works with us – let me go talk to her.” He took some pictures (I do not have and do not want!!!) and came back a few minutes later to say she could do it, but I’d have to wait 45 minutes.  He told me it was his best suggestion to have her do it.  I said sure. 45 minutes isn’t bad.  In the meantime they cleaned me up and numbed me up. The time flew by fast.  She came in and did some additional numbing and then did her work.  It didn’t take too long – that I remember.  At the end she put some steri-strips on and gave instructions:

-keep the strips on at least a week or more. This is important for the type of stitches she used.

-No contact sports for 6-8 weeks. (This ruled out the thanksgiving football game!)

-No sunburn for 6mo-1 year. (long time!!)

Here is a picture from the day after:

I still have a smile on my face!

Here is a picture about a week later:

You can still see a bit of the black eye I got. And the doctor got me some flesh colored steri-strips so that it was more conspicuous.  But you can see that it was pretty large cut. It also went horizontal in my eyebrow.

And How well did the surgeon do? Amazing! Here I am today – 1 year later!

Ignore the sunburn on my cheek – but you can barely see the vertical line! It has healed so well! It still hurts from time to time when I fly a lot but its looking good! Its not noticeable to most people!

Lesson Learned: Eat. Eat. Eat.  Low blood sugar will cause me to pass out so I must eat!

*the face trucking was what my dear husband came up with to make the event more humorous!


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