Marley Lilly iPhone Case!

A couple months back I was reading PinkLouLou and she showed a super cool iPhone case she got from Marley Lilly! (Her Review)  I didn’t think much of it at first…

That is until October 8th when the hubs bought us new iPhones!!!  YES!!  I was hesitant at first but am LOVING it. I however don’t typically want a fancy phone without a quality case!  I knew immediately what I wanted!!

It was very convenient since our Anniversary was Nov 1, it turned into a nice little gift! 😀

I headed over to Marley Lilly, but then took over a week to decide what I wanted!  I finally decided on the navy blue background color but then for the circle design I could NOT decide on the color!  I emailed Kelly at Marley Lilly to see about some of the color combinations which I could not find online.  She was super sweet and emailed me back right away! It was even late at night!

I finally decided on navy blue background with a green circle for my initials.  Here it is in full use:

I got the one with the ID holder and it holds my debit card and my Drivers License. I LOVE this!  It is so handy!

So far the case has held up great and no scratches!I have carried this all over and even ran with it and no issues.

If you don’t have an iPhone check it out anyways because these cases are NOT just for iPhones!

There are lots of color combinations and designs! This is a great addition to your Christmas List!

**I was not paid for this -I am reviewing because I LOVE it!

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