Christmas 2011 recap!

When you live really far away from your family, holidays are hard. Since right now it is just the hubs & I we are blessed to be able to travel. We decided to spend Christmas with my family in Virginia and new years with his in Oklahoma. Crazy plane tickets & a long day of travel, we made it to VA.
We got in a couple days before Christmas and I had to work one day still. It was semi-productive. I had a great breakfast however!

Then just hanging out reading books and chilling in front of the wood stove. The funny part is that it hasn’t even been that cold! It has been 50ish during the day and sunny. But we had a good time.
Since Christmas was Sunday we had our dinner Saturday night. We just had the family. My parents, sister, and us. Mom made a small ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, a salad rolls and a fruit salad.

Very yum and I definitely ate too much!! Then we hung out as a family and watched cars 2. It was not what I expected and I think it’s a bit over the top with the underlying themes for kids. Here is a great picture of the tree!

Christmas morning we got up and opened presents. A few highlights are lulu running tights, a robe, a new waffle maker, and a few running shirts. Very fun. Then we got ready for church and dad made (REAL)bacon and pancakes.

Also very yummy!! We headed off to church & it was good to see so many of my old friends & some out of town visitors! Here is my sis & I before church:

After church we gobbled down some leftovers and headed out to the movies. (It might have been the first time I was in a movie theater in over a year..) We went and saw the new Mission Impossible movie. It was really good! A must see if you are a movie lover! Then just hanging out for the afternoon and watched an episode of Top Gear. My sis got our car-obsessed father a season. It was really good!

Monday my sis had off and so did Dad!  We picked going to Monticello for our Family activity! Sam had never been and it had been years since we had gone.  They have really made it nice! They added a whole new visitors center and lots of high-tech information and such. We toured the house, which I feel like the tour was less information than it used to be.  It seemed blah even though we had a really good guide.  However it was a GORGEOUS day!

The hubs & I infront of the house! Such blue sky!!

Monday night I went to boot camp with my mom.  I tested out my new Lulu headband:

I have a relatively small head so it was nice to know that it fit and worked great! It was also a great workout! It has reminded me that I want to get back into the habit of doing strength training!

Tuesday was our last day as we flew out Tuesday night – We almost didn’t make it as we saw this in the morning:

Yeah that would be ice on the trees. It was rainy & 32 degrees. So it iced.  Luckily it warmed up enough and cleared up that our flight was only an hour late, but we eventually made it safely to Oklahoma for New Years!

Overall a wonderful Christmas with my family and very low key and relaxing!


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