Santa Runs Tacoma 5K recap

I ran my first 5K!

Yes true story. you may think what?!  I have issues with paying $25 or more to run 3 miles. I mean in all honesty when I can run out my door those 3 easy miles? This time I decided to join in with the local runner/blogger ladies and run the 5K. This was not any old 5k. Santa Runs Tacoma 5k.  Meaning close to Christmas. and anything that close to Christmas requires costumes!! I’ll run a 5K decked out for fun! Someone came up with the idea of a candy-cane theme.

Red & White clothing to involve:

  • red sparkle skirt
  • red/white striped socks
  • white shirt
  • red/candy cane hair accessory

The Sparkle skirt here:

we ordered from Team Sparkle. Seriously amazing. Super easy to order and was shipped fast!

Socks and other accessories were purchased at Target and other places on the cheap!

Day of the race:

I got up and had my oatmeal and headed to meet up with Kerrie and Zoe.  We carpooled to the race. always a good idea! It was rather cold in the morning and while sunny where we live it was foggy in Tacoma! We easily found the rest of our gang and got a few group shots:

Such a fun group! We had a blast! yes some people were in skirts and it was COLD! brr! Others in this group are Mel-Tall Mom, Alma, Tiffany and two others I forget!

We headed over to the start line to try and enter the costume contest but I think we lost.  While we were there I got a pre-race picture:

It didn’t take too long and we were off! wow it was cold and for some reason we were in the front! I had not trained too particularly for this but I knew that to get a sub 30 minute 5K I had to have ~9:30 miles. People took off FAST!! WOW.  On top of that we made the mistake of not warming up.  I couldn’t feel my toes for a mile. oops.  This was a little out & back course so you saw people the whole way.  It was fun but the cold was hurting the lungs a bit! To get back to the finish though you had to go UP a hill then down. I had to push really hard to not walk up the hill. My first two miles were a bit faster than the desired time so I figured I was OK on time. I made it up the hill running and around the corner to the downhill.  Thankfully after a downhill marathon I know how to run downhill!  Then it was onto the sprint!  Zoe got this great picture of me:

I crossed the finish at 29:48! Goal met!! Instead of a medal they were handing out coffee mugs. I also got a bottle of water and went to meet the other girls.  We hung out for a bit and had a bit of fun…

You know.. looking for cool stuff!

Then we headed back home!

Overall a very fun race! I’m probably not a huge fan of 5K races, but this was fun.  I’d do something similar to this again!


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