Weekend Recap!

Alright let’s try a little weekend re-cap!

This weekend was the first of 2012 that we were here! Last weekend we were traveling home. We didn’t have explicit plans for the weekend. Just the usual.

Saturday Morning I got up and met Zoe and S at the trail. We had discussed 6 miles but I was a little tired and just not feeling it. So we still got in a solid 5 miles and had fun chatting.  There were a lot of people out!  Some new-resolution-runners as well!

post run picture! S, me, Zoe

A nice easy run! I needed that!

I tested out my new Lululemon capris on this run! These are the Run Inspire Crop.  I got them for christmas! They worked out great! I really like the length.  They didn’t sag or move up or anything.  They are vented on the back of the legs but it did not bother me! Winner!

Saturday evening we had our 2012 Budget date night! we went out to a great restaurant and talked about our goals for 2012 and our budget and made sure we agreed on a plan! If you do not do this, I encourage you to try it! We are huge Dave Ramsey fans and it has made a difference for us! A lot less arguments about money!!

Then we headed over to our friends with a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (a good way to spend those giftcards!!) I held this little guy:








He has gotten so big! He didn’t take the pacifier for more than a few minutes! I love his facial expressions!

Sunday we took pretty easy!  The usual: grocery, laundry, cleaning, football, and good couch time!

It was a good weekend overall! How was your weekend?


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