Mid-day Mental Break!

Today I took a mid-day mental break – otherwise knows as running at lunch!

I don’t have a super-set schedule but I should be taking a lunch break most days.  Most days I consider my ‘lunch’ browsing the internet for maybe 30 minutes or eating while working.  Yep. thrilling.  However, when I’m swamped and getting stressed, I like to take a full hour-ish to get out of the office.  I didn’t get to run yesterday and this morning did not happen so lunch it was.

I usually eat my morning snack about 10:30. I pushed it back a bit today so I wouldn’t be starving when I headed out to run. Sometimes I’ll even swap my morning snack for the afternoon one (yogurt isn’t always best pre-run…). I forgot today.. oops.

There aren’t too many options for running at lunch from my office as we are about 2/3 of the way up a huge hill.  You can run down the really steep hill to a trail or up the hill and onto the same trail. It just goes along the highway.  I run UP the hill and then it kind of crests and goes back down.  There are some residential streets and other little trails not far away, but I have ventured onto a few which are crazy steep hills.  I just crank up the tunes and head out on the boring trail.  Funny part about it was I was taking the elevator down and had to ride down in my running clothes with my boss. haha.

Lunch runs are good because they make you forget about the stress or projects or whatever you are concerned about.  Either you will forget about it, or randomly think about it and come up with a solution of some kind.  Today was all about forgetting! I did a pretty good job of it!  Here is my post-run portrait!

(sorry about the blurry factor.. I didn’t even notice it was blurry..)

I rinsed off in the shower and headed back to work. I felt good to have these 4 miles under my belt!

And I should mention that today was BEAUTIFUL! It was like 42 degrees and overcast with a few peeks of sun. God had a plan when I didn’t get up to run!

Happy Tuesday!


About Karla

Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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