Snowy Weekend Recap

This weekend was not the typical Seattle weekend.  It ended in snow. yeah. Now back east I was OK with that when I drove a Jeep, but now with just a car, I am not as much of a fan. I mean Seattle can’t drive in the rain, much less the snow!

Saturday I was going to run 10 miles in the morning, but since it was about 38 degrees and raining, I rolled back over and went to sleep.  It was a lazy morning! At noon I met up with Kerrie and Zoe to watch the Olympic Trials Marathon! It was awesome to watch how fast they were running! Some awesome athletes!  Afterwards the 3 of us took Bennie, Kerrie’s youngest boxer for a run. It smelled of pine trees and we even saw a few snow flakes! Here are our post-run pictures:

Zoe & mine's Kick-butt running pose!

Kerrie & I

Kerrie & Zoe dreaming of the Olympics

Saturday night we chilled at home with some awesome Chinese food.

Sunday we woke up to a dusting of snow. It was cold & we live on a hill so we decided to skip 1st service and take our time getting up again. It was nice.  No issues getting to church. Afterwards, we hung out with our friends and their 4 kids. Lots of tacos were involved and lots of snow. It kept snowing ALL day.  Off and on it snowed and it slowly built up to probably 3 inches or so.  The boys all headed outside for some snowball fights, football and it appeared wrestling.


The guys' football/wrestling..


Ralph Smiling!

Hanging with the little guy!

Right after sunset

We hung out until after dinner and then made our way home. It was a bit slick, but we made it! It has definitely been cold so we are enjoying some extra snuggle time!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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One Response to Snowy Weekend Recap

  1. Kerrie T. says:

    Had so much fun with you girls on Saturday — love spending time with friends!

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