Chenille Baby Blanket

Awhile back I saw this blanket at Made.  I think it popped up on my Google reader through another blog, but I thought it was pretty sweet and didn’t look too difficult. There was also a great tutorial on Aesthetic Nest. I got some pretty good ideas.

Conveniently my Husbands cousin was about to have a baby so I found some super cute fabric and 3 matching flannels. I followed the instructions on laying out the fabric and used spray glue to get it all to stick together. I also basted this with some safety pins. Then I marked my center line and started sewing:

I sewed the line down the middle and then another one or two on either side to get things started.  This is about as far as I got for about a month…

Then I worked on sewing my lines. I tried to prepare myself and wind a couple of bobbins, not sure how far I would get.  Well.. not far.  If you do this, wind like 5-6 bobbins before you start. And I sewed and sewed.

I started in the middle and moved to one of the sides, then back to the middle.  I ended up eventually finishing it off through a few lot of episodes of Gilmore Girls. Nothing better to take your mind off of sewing 1/2″ lines better than GG!

All Lines sewn!

After the sewing is the cutting.  Aesthetic Nest used the Olfa chenille cutter.  They don’t have it in the stores here, but after Thanksgiving I found a pair of these squeeze scissors for super cheap at Joanns.  I figured they had to be better than regular scissors.  And they were!

Now the cutting process – Yeah it took about as long as the sewing.  The scissors were FABULOUS! However I was trying to be super careful to not cut any holes.  I didn’t have any spare fabric! This was taking way too long and I had to finish before we left for Christmas vacation.  After a super late night of cutting, I realized that I could just make sure all the edges were cut in enough to put the binding on, I could finish cutting later.

I squared up everything and rounded the corners and put the binding on.  I was in a rush so no pictures were taken. Sorry! Here is a shot at the end with everything cut and the binding on:

The very last step here is wash the blanket. Before you can see the just cut lines and it doesn’t look interesting. I was SUPER nervous about this! Would it turn out?!

It worked!!

Close up of the ruffles!

The back has some texture too!

And last but not least – the happy recipient!

Baby Samuel enjoying the blanket!

This blanket was fun to make and I seriously doubted at times if I was going to finish it or if it would work.  However I was thrilled with the results!  I am maybe planning on making a few more!


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