Sorry for the late post! Its been a crazy day! I dug out my car today and made it to work! Then it was a crazy busy day!








The theme of this week has been snow! Out our door and my poor car!

Keeping my feet warm in my Smartwool!

 What better way to spend the evening than with some fun crochet!!

So we got this Coffee machine for our wedding.  That would be 3 years ago. Yep.  But when we have been trapped in the house you have to make coffee! It works really well!  Not sure what we were thinking not using it!

Working from home is hard to be honest.  So I set up my craft table and got to work. It worked out well! Lots of space and useful!

Now when you are trapped in the house you need some good sweets! I didn’t have butter so brownie mix it was! Yeah NO butter! Tragedy! We are totally eating the heck out of these! My favorite!

We had a dinner date since we could get out of the house. Sushi then fro-yo! It was very yummy!

My morning exercise. Shoveling a path to get my car out!

You can see all the snow and ice on the trees! We didn’t lose power thankfully!  I think it has to do with living down the street from the Hospital!

So that has been our crazy week! I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! Come see what everyone else is up to!
life rearrangedHappy Friday!


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2 Responses to InstaFriday!

  1. Holly says:

    Wow that is a lot of snow! Haha I love the snowmen in the background of the crochetting photo!

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