(late!) Weekend Recap

This weekend was a bit strange and this recap is WAY LATE.  After being stuck at home last week thanks to the crazy snowstorm we had a funky weekend.

Friday we headed out to dinner for sushi and then fro-yo.

Saturday morning it was raining. It was pretty chilly.  I wimped out on running. It was supposed to clear up later in the day.  I got up and did our meal plans for this week and headed out shopping. I usually hit up Winco and Safeway.  Winco is for all the dry goods and stuff which are way cheap – and frozen veggies. Winco was luckily not crowded yet! yay! However, they had low refrigerated stock as their power had been out! Safeway was pretty easy – meat and dairy.  I’m picky about stuff.

Headed home, chilled out, and worked on laundry a bit.  Had some lunch and then headed out to find a place to run.  The original plan was 10 miles. However as I headed out that went to 6, but I convinced myself to do 8.  I headed to the lake where there is a road instead of a trail. The park was closed so I maybehopped a gate to cut through there. The run even goes up on this fun trail:

Fun running trail!

And look what popped out for the afternoon!

Hello Mr. Sun!

I ended up with 8 miles and only one part still had snow on it, but I didn’t fall!  The bad part about this run is that on the way out there is a tail wind, which means a headwind on the way back.  It was super strong! I was running and thanks to the wind, at one point was at a 12 min pace!

Saturday evening I attempted to make some pork & tomato meal and acorn squash.  I failed miserably. I burned the meat and then didn’t cook the squash all the way.  I somehow missed that whole ‘stovetop’ part of cooking school.. yeah.. Not my forte.  I can bake it just fine!

Sunday we headed to Early service and then home to chill. More laundry then I met up with one of my bible study friends for coffee!  Her car was in the shop so I also took her to the store for a few necessities! Then we headed over to our friends house to watch the Giants-49ers game.  I was rooting for the 49ers thanks to Pavement Runner and NYCRunningMomma and their nice little running challenge. Pick a team. If your team loses you run the amount of miles your team lost by – with a cap at 20.  The 49ers lost in a hard battle by 3 points.  During the game we had some fun:

Wall Sit competition!

The twins had a wall sit competition.  They lasted for almost 4 minutes! It was pretty hilarious to watch!!

We also had some good snuggle time with baby Ralph! He is getting chubby cheeks!

Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend to prepare for this crazy week!


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