And yet another week of InstaFriday with Life Rearranged!

This has been a busy week! After all the snow, I had to head to Phoenix for work a couple of days.  Then back and lots more work. I leave again sunday evening for a 3 day trip next week.  Yep. crazy life of mine.  Here’s some pictures from this week!

Beautiful Phoenix Sunset!

After a super long day I headed to my favorite restaurant to get some yummy food!

If you are ever in Phoenix and you like pizza – head to Oreganos. AMAZING. (chicago style not NY style!)

I headed to the Gym early Wednesday for a run and weights.  I started the NROLFW which I’ll post about next week.  This was also my 3 miles run for losing PavementRunner’s NFC game challenge.

I found a great Bakery and got a tomato & mozzarella panini. It totally hit the spot for dinner!

As I was driving to the airport there was another amazing sunset! So beautiful! God is pretty darn talented!

Yeah this should be veggies and chicken sausage but I totally was not feeling good by the time I got home last night.  This was dinner.  The strawberries were amazing!

Lately I wake up at oh 430 or 5. Then just half sleep till like 6 or 630.  I decided today to head to the gym for another NROLFW workout.  This is my protein powder and water when I got home! We have chocolate and strawberry.  They are both very good!

Ok I gotta get workin! Lots to do today! Head over and check out what everyone else is up to!
life rearranged
Happy Friday!!


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4 Responses to InstaFriday

  1. Jodi Evans says:

    You did get some great sunsets!!! 🙂 is making me wish I didn’t have a late lunch today!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Kerrie says:

    You work too hard! LOL! So many good food pictures. Oh man! I want that panini like now.
    PS: Tagged you in my 11 random things today. 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    Yum! The pizza and panini look amazing!

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