2Toms Sports Detergent

Back in December at the 5K I ran, Kerrie gave me a couple samples of the 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent. She blogs for 2Toms here.  If you want some good reading, head over there and read some!

Onto sports detergent.  If running doesn’t make you stink enough, try running in the rain all the time in a damp climate!  I’m not quite sure my clothes are always fully dry before I dump them in the bin to wash.  I don’t have time to wash them more than once a week usually.  Lately, in my bag and even running, I have been noticing the smell.  Even with my other sport detergent(and some white vinegar) I was using, it wasn’t working.

I started with a full load of clothes.

This was maybe after they were wet and washed! The basket was full dry!

Here is the package of the detergent:

This package says for 2 wash loads or 1 large load.  I used the full packet for my large load. Well most of it – I may have spilled a bit trying to open it.  The detergent had a bit of a light smell.  Not sure if its flowery or what- it wasn’t bad.  It did make me nervous as I have pretty sensitive skin and am a stickler about using the free detergents. After the wash, it still had a light scent to it.  I hang my clothes, so they hung dry. I couldn’t really smell the detergent as they were hanging there.

After they were dry I grabbed them for my run.  I could still smell the detergent very faintly, but as I ran, I couldn’t smell it at all! I didn’t get any itchiness or anything from the detergent which was a big relief! Also, the stink that I had been feeling was hanging onto my running clothes seemed to be gone after my run!  The detergent definitely helped!  I know that using it more often will probably help keep it at bay too.. well along with washing my running clothes more…

If you are fighting ‘the stink’ with your running clothes give this detergent a chance! I am definitely going to be getting a full bottle soon!

*I was not paid for this review – I was given the product by a friend and reviewed because I liked it! 

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4 Responses to 2Toms Sports Detergent

  1. Kerrie says:

    Thanks for reviewing it! I don’t hang dry; I use a dryer, so the scent disappears after the dryer for me. Glad it didn’t irritate your skin or anything either. Love this product. I really do.

  2. Jodi Evans says:

    I’m going to find that stuff!! We can NEVER get the “stink” out of Christen’s soccer socks, jersey and shorts. ugh… I’ll try ANYTHING at this point. 🙂

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