Superbowl Weekend Recap

This weekend was mainly about recovery and football.  After the super busy work week, I pretty much crashed.

Saturday I made some yummy waffles for breakfast, did grocery shopping before the crowds, and then sat at the sewing machine all day!!  I pieced together my fabrics for this blanket Friday night. I turned on many episodes of Gilmore Girls and sewed to my heart’s content!

Just starting... 1 line done!


end of the night - halfway done!

I was maybe going to go for a run, but was just not feeling it saturday.. I was also nervous about my leg from where I think I pulled/strained a tendon last week on the trails.  So I kept it easy and chilled with the hubs for the evening.

Sunday we headed to church and back home to get ready for the Superbowl!  The great thing about the West Coast – Game starts at 3:30 & is over by 7.  But this weekend has been almost like summer here in Seattle.  Sunny and warm.

Yes there is 5 in front of that 4! I really wanted to get out and run and feel out my legs! so I did!

February Run in SHORTS!

Uhh yeah.. I wore shorts! The other people out probably thought I was nuts!  But if you do the +20 deg rule, wouldn’t you run in shorts if its 70 degrees out? Yes, I think so! It was sunny out and I got a great dose of vitamin D!

I ran 5 miles and felt pretty good.  After not running much the last week, it was a bit rough, but I kept pushing through and felt great at the end!  I’m ready to hit training hard I think!

Then we headed over to our friends house for the game! We had a blast and it was relaxing to sit on the couch and watch the game!

I was pretty much a bum and we went straight to bed when we got home.

Overall a great weekend and was very good for my body to recover and rest up!

Have a great Monday!


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