Weekend Recap

This was another weekend all about recovery and rest.

I arrived home about 7 on Friday night from a business trip. (yet again..) We ended up having a date night and headed to our favorite Thai place! Budda Ruksa is in West Seattle and there is always a wait and it is a bit pricer than we like to pay on a regular basis, but it is awesome!!

Saturday Morning I got up and went to meet my good friends Bob & Anne with their TNT team for an easy 8 mile run around the university area. I wasn’t sure I’d be game, but I took it slow and had fun running and chatting with Anne.  We ended up with 7.5 solid miles:

The run was mostly on the sidewalks/trail but a bit of it was muddy! There was more dirt than I realized on my feet/legs!

After the run, I cleaned up and ran a few errands.  We needed some new pillows, so I headed to Target for that plus a few other things.  Then I had a shirt to exchange from Christmas at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I got my giftcard then headed in to look around.  Boy was it my lucky day!  I scored big!  2 Under Armor tees, 2 pair of Nike shorts and this amazing pair of Adidas pants – all for $85.

These pants are great! They are nice and warm and comfy!  They look better than my old sweats so I can wear them out of the house! They are also baggy enough to pull on over shorts/capris for running! The fact they were only $20 is the best part! 😀

Saturday afternoon consisted of sewing on my latest blanket project that has to be done next weekend and then making some home made pizza for dinner.

Sunday we headed to church where we also started a new Sunday school class.  We are going to be studying Your Time Starved Marriage and it comes with workbooks and we have small groups for discussion!  I am really looking forward to it!

I also did all of our grocery shopping and the laundry.  The typical Sunday chores!  We also enjoyed a few episodes of Biggest Loser and some other random TV while giving the couch some attention!

Overall a very relaxing and nice weekend. Alright- off to another busy week! At least I’m going to be home all 5 nights this week!

Have a great Monday!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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