the track

Running is fun. Sometimes you just run to run, sometimes you want to challenge yourself and sometimes you don’t run and sit on the couch.  Every runner is different. Some people run for years and never run a race. Some runners race every weekend. There are also many different terms associated with running: long runs, fartleks, tempo, speed work, different paces, and the list goes on…

When I started running, I just ran. Then I started running with some co-workers at lunch. One day my running buddy said we were going to do intervals..  I ran track in high school, so I knew what we were getting into, but that had been several years prior! We had the road marked out for 400m and just did 400 intervals.  We did it every week and tried to increase the number we ran or run them faster. It made a difference. Then when I started training on my own for my first half marathon, I kept it up.  I did intervals on the treadmill.  And then I got lazy. I did no speed work during marathon training or really for the past year and a half. I know that it is great exercise for increasing your speed and just to change it up from time to time.  Soo.. I had a visit with this:

the track. gulp. Luckily I was not alone.  There is a local running group which has weekly track workouts.  There is a coordinator and he decides the workout, you show up and run. It is not for the faint of heart. I went with one of my running friends who goes weekly so I knew 1 person there!

This week was 5 800’s with 600 in between. The 800s were supposed to be medium-fast-medium-fast-medium or something.  Since there were quite a few people I found some other people about my speed.  I was a bit behind them the first lap but kept up.  Then I continued with 2 of them the rest of the workout.  It was fun.  After 3- 800s we changed the 600 rest to a 400. Here are the splits for the 5 800’s:

1: 4:17
2: 4:23
3: 4:34
4: 4:17
5: 4:23

I have to say I was surprised. I had no goals going into this. Just want to see where I was and what I could do.  Could I have run harder – most likely.  Am I disappointed – no. I am thrilled that I had the same pace on 1 & 4 and 2 & 5.  I knew the middle one was slower.

In total I ended up running 6 miles.  I didn’t even know it was 6 miles and I felt great about it! 

I don’t think I’m going to make exact pace-plans but I’m going to try my best to keep going to these workouts!! Its fun and different!

Its also fun to see your Garmin Map data look like this:

Do you do speed work out or track workouts?


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2 Responses to the track

  1. sybil says:

    Intervals workouts are so fun with a group! I have been doing them weekly since October. Every week is different, we do everything from 3 miles to 400s. I don’t think I would have the discipline to do them on my own.

  2. Kerrie T. says:

    Yes! I am loving the difference they are making!

    Great job, and how fun to go with a group!

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