track workout + challenge!

Things have been a bit busy, but I made time and hit the track again with the group tonight.  Here was the set workout:

2x1600m -400m jog
4x200m -200m jog

Yeah… those 200’s really throw you for a loop. Tonight was somewhat warmer and I was bold and ran in a long sleeve tee and shorts. yep. It was maybe 47 out. haha.

I got there early enough to do a couple of laps of warm up. Then everyone gathered around and they set the pace groups. They have a chart of marathon pace and then goal paces for this particular workout. I haven’t done much speed work so I just kind of guess for the group. I was hoping for 9:10ish miles and maybe 0:57-0:59 sec for the 200s. Not too strict just kind of a goal.  There were not many people there because it is winter break?! (I want a break!!) I was pretty much running alone.

We got started and I was ok with the 9ish pace for the first little bit, but I just couldn’t hold it. I tried my best and ended up with 9:18. Then mile two I could tell it was not as fast-9:32. Now the scary 200s.. Some of the other people were flying!! I did the best I could and was pretty pleased! I didn’t want to go all out and hurt myself or anything – I still had another mile to run! Somewhere at the end of the 200s my Garmin started acting up and I couldn’t get it to lap?! anyone? So the last mile my left shin was starting to hurt a bit and I was fading fast. I ended up with only 1200m. I didn’t feel that I should keep pushing it that hard.  I did a couple of cool down laps, stretched some and headed home.

Final stats:
1x1600m – 9:18
1x1600m – 9:32
4x200m – 1:00.8, 1:04.2, 1:05.2, 0:56.5 (the 104 and 105 were closer to 1 flat but I couldn’t get the lap…)
1×1200-6:54 (9:44 pace)

Total running about 5.5 miles in 55 mins.

Then on top of this I am doing the Fit2Flex 50 Challenge!

I have been reading Carissa’s blog here for awhile and they are so inspirational with all their lifting and working out! I didn’t get to this Monday, so I started yesterday and then did it all again today.  I am doing girl-style push ups but 50 is a LOT. So far its fun. I haven’t noticed anything besides some soreness but I know that results take time! Anyone else want to Join me in this challenge?!  PS – if you complete it each week there is a drawing for a prize!!

Hope your Wednesday was fabulous!



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