Well another week has come and gone! This week seems to have flown by but overall it has been a lot better week for me! I feel like I have accomplished stuff this week and I am feeling a lot better about things! So let’s get the Friday Party Started!!!

We have been having chipotle after church on Sundays.  it is very fun and I splurge a bit on the izze! I don’t drink the whole thing though in one day! I make it last!

I love all things Cheerios! This kind is one of my favs! They have been my saving grace this week when I’m still starving at the end of the day!

I am not a HUGE nail polish person, but I LOVE LOVE Zoya! Their polish lasts and lasts -even with all my typing! I got these B1G1free this week! Makes me hopeful for summer!

I’m not a huge fan of glitter,  but I got this the other week and its fun for a few days!! Gave me something to do to keep myself awake past 8:30 pm!

I travel a lot. Its for work but yeah. I have been eyeing these packers from L.L. Bean for a loong time. I purchased some Christmas from LLBean and got a $10 gift card.  Then I got a 15% off email so I combined the two and finally purchased these! I can’t wait to use them on my next trip! I am an organizing freak so these should be helpful!

The sun came out yesterday and I just had to get a picture! There was some blue sky even! Winter isn’t over yet, but its nice to have little breaks!

Yes more food.  I found these yummies a couple weeks ago. I keep buying them because they say ‘Limited Edition’.  They are goooood!!! warning: don’t eat the whole back or you will not feel so good! oops!

Friday morning treat! I have really cut back on my Starbucks lately, but this morning was an exception! I had to get a bit of this lady! Now I am bouncing off the walls! oops! Makes for a fun Friday!

I’m liking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged! Stop over and see what everyone else has captured with their phones this week!
life rearranged

Happy Friday!!


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