100! Weekend Recap

I made it to post 100! Wow!

This weekend was a bit busy but not terrible. Let’s Recap!

Saturday I had planned to meet some friends for trail running.  We all got new trail shoes on sale the other week and decided to join a local group that runs every week at Cougar Mountain.  We met just before 8 and right as I got to the parking lot, I noticed it was snowing.  Not raining. SNOWING. yeah. I was really glad I had on my full jacket and not just a vest! (sorry No full body picture!)

Here are my shoes before I left the house:

They are the Scott eRide Grip.  AWESOME. Great traction and great shape and stability.  They made a huge difference over running in my regular Scott shoes.

We met the group and split into two speed groups.  Since it was our first time, we were in the slower group.  We had one of the regulars running with us and so she led us through the trails.  It snowed or sleeted the WHOLE time! As we would go up hill, you could see the snow accumulating on the ground and downhill it was less. There were a few muddy spots but not terrible. I didn’t fall although had a few not so fun ankle twists. The only thing that got cold was my face when the sleet was hitting it. The rest of me was fine – including my legs which were in my Lulu capris. We ended up running the last part on a wider trail instead of in the woods. I think a couple people were pretty wiped out. The total for the run was about 7 miles.  I don’t totally trust garmin deep in the woods. I know it beeped a few times so I think it cut out once or twice.

When I got back to my car there was snow and it was still snowing!








The group headed to a Starbucks and got warm and chatted. Definitely something I am going to do more, but will have to limit during peak training. I think its great, but will have to be careful. I want to go more and be able to run more and farther! It is so serene and quiet out in the woods! Here are the feet when I got done running:

Not so clean shoes! Not too bad dirt wise!

After running I had lunch downtown with a friend then met some of our other friends for bowling and wings. Watching this 6 year old bowl was hilarious!

He had so much fun! He did pretty well too! Then we headed to our favorite wing place and had some fun eating and watching college ball.

Sunday was the usual church shenanigans and I had a hair trim appt.  I got a card for a free haircut so I took it and got my hair trimmed up! She styled it a little weird and it will take a few days to settle out but hopefully its nice.  It still goes in a ponytail! hooray!  The salon was next to Nordstroms in the mall. These might have did come home with me. 🙂

Now its a sunny Monday – although chilly! Enjoy another week!


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2 Responses to 100! Weekend Recap

  1. Paulette says:

    Uh oh, pretty shoes got dirty! 🙂 Sounds like a fun run and weekend!

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