Weekend Recap

Ahh another weekend.  These weekends go way too fast!

Friday night a friend and I have been doing Craft nights! We usually talk and end up getting a few things done!  I finished up a crochet blanket this week! I just need to tie off the ends and mail it out!

Hung out with this Cute guy!

Saturday was a rest day. I had wanted to run, but ended up chilling with the hubs in the morning and we had a fun lunch date.  In the afternoon we sat around the house resting and I worked on my next sewing blanket!

I also watched a fair number of Gilmore Girls episodes!  I am on season 3! It is funny to me but also light enough that I can get something accomplished at the same time!

Sunday was church and then I went for my long run. it was actually warm but windy.  I over dressed.  I was HOT. The first 6 miles were with the wind so I ended up going pretty fast. Oops. I was very excited though as the route I ran along the lake has a few big hills, and I RAN them! hooray!! I am getting stronger! The second half of the run, was pretty hard. I ended up walking a fair bit more than I wanted.  I know this was because I went out too fast to start and then also didn’t have enough food earlier in the day.  Thankfully I had plenty of water and Gu.  So here was the final tally:

12 Miles in 2:10. a 10:50 pace.

Afterwards I had a little snack!

Sooo yummy! Then we got some dinner and hung out with our friends.  Here is the little guy again enjoying the quilt I made him!

Also, I am going to start recapping previous week running!

Total Miles: 28!

I completed 3 full days of the Fit2Flex50 challenge!  It was supposed to be 5 days but I didn’t make it.  3 days makes a difference!


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