DST Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday did not go as planned so my recap is happening today!

Saturday I woke up to a good rain and headed to the trail.  I went trail running again with my friends and the running group.  We did our same 7 mile loop in the rain and mud. Boy it was muddy! It took a bit longer as I stayed back with a friend who was walking more, but I was ok with it. I don’t think I could have gone too much faster!








On the left is the dirt and mud after the run! The mud soaked all the way through my socks onto my feet.  NO blisters though. I LOVE these Scott shoes!! On the right was the bottom of the shoe when I took it off! Completely clean!

Foggy & Raining Morning!

It was pretty wet out there and thankfully I had a towel and some super warm clothes!

Overall a good run and it is more fun every time I head out! After running we headed to Starbucks and had fun chatting for over an hour!

In the afternoon, I headed to another friend’s house and we took a mini trip to JoAnn’s and then hung out doing some organizing of her craft room. We had fun chatting and hanging out. It was a relaxing afternoon.

In the evening the Hubs and I had a great date night out in West Seattle and had fun hanging out together.

Sunday was the usual church and then we had lunch with some friends and spent the afternoon on the couch. Oops. It was good to chill. I really think it was the time change. I am NOT a fan. I don’t want to have to get up at 4 instead of 5. seriously? I like the light in the evening, but still.. I ended the night with my favorite cookies!

I was in Girl Scouts for 10+ years and still LOVE the cookies! haha.

Running Recap

Total Miles = 9.

Yeah this week sucked for running. I’ll start over and move on.

Off to this week’s challenges!


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