the track: MP

Two weeks ago at track practice there were 2 workouts. short stuff for regular people and a long run for Marathon people. Simply:

6 miles at steady Marathon Pace

GULP. Not quite tempo, but still 6 miles?! I looked at the chart and looked at the mile time for a 4:30 marathon or so was 10:24.  The next group up was close to 10:45 or something. I figured my goal would be to shoot for 10:20 and see how that went.  I am still trying to get my  feel things out before setting hard paces. I wanted something that would push me, but not kill me!

So off to the track I went. The weather here has been fabulous crappy. Starting out:

Cold and windy. Oh and dark. The lights weren’t on for the track..

I did 0.5 mi warm up then Took off.  The first few miles were a bit rough and I had a hard time pacing myself. I’d be too fast or too slow. However after 3 miles or so, I seemed to hit my stride. I thought I wasn’t going to get to finish the last mile as a soccer team was gearing up, but the coach let me run my last 4 laps.  Then I did a cool down.  I have to say 6 miles on a track is BORING, but focusing on the time kept it interesting.  no music either! So here are the splits:

Mile 1: 10:21.5 avg pace-10:09
Mile 2: 10:33.1 avg pace-10:20
Mile 3: 10:26.9 avg pace-10:14
Mile 4: 10:13.3 avg pace-10:12
Mile 5: 10:04.0 avg pace-10:06
Mile 6: 10:14.9 avg pace-10:09

Overall, I think I hit the goal.  You can see the last 3 miles were much more steady than the first 3. The avg pace is faster than I thought it would be, but I am set. I felt like I could keep running and that is GOOD! After a cooldown, I ended with 7 miles total for the evening!

Tonight I get to head back to the track and I am excited!! Have a great day!


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